Luxury Yacht Ride

Per Person

Overview: Luxury Yacht Ride

Enjoy the voyage round and experience the Palm Jumeirah Development. The duration of the tour will be up to 2 hours, where you will enjoy the exciting trip of the palm island and the world. You will feel an offshore breeze while sliding along the waves with the wind.


Dubai always have different variety of options for couples and who like a romantic getaway.  Specially for couples who want to celebrate their anniversary or engagement, you can arrange as well, on a romantic private yacht cruise, you get luxury, privacy and the quality time that you need for the love of your life.


We Offer you the best of our private yacht ride, where you will experience the ride on yacht for three hours. you can spend the luxurious cabins or laze in the sundeck with a stunning view of Burj Al Arab and Atlantis. You will experience the palm as your yacht sails palm Jumeirah. While you are enjoying spectacular skyline of the Gulf admire the crystal blue sea and the sunshine with a tune of cool breeze.


Two cabins, master and guest rooms with a wide space for up to 17 people at a time can be adjust . All the necessary things are available there, like a music system, kitchen with griller and microwave oven, TV & DVD player and bathroom on board. We can also arrange tour for birthday parties, marriage parties and many more.

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