Aqua Venture – Lost Chambers

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Overview: Aqua Venture – Lost Chambers

Aqua venture is the largest most exciting water park in the Middle East full of thrill and adventure. Enjoy 42 acres of attractions, where is the master Blasters, Speed slide and Splashers Children’s Areas as well as the rapids, rivers and lush tropical landscapes are included.


A full-day ticket also gets you access to the Lost Chambers Aquarium, where you can experience the ruin of Atlantis, lost, for thousands of years deep beneath the sea. You can picture yourself and make it more memorable with 65,000 marine animals.


Experience the tunnels and underwater mazes of this lost civilization, encountering sharks, seahorses, eels and piranhas. The navigators are so friendly who will invite you on a guided tour of the Lost Chambers Aquarium at various scheduled times throughout the day. Further these tours give insights into the legend of Atlantis, 7 sages traditions and the amazing facts about the marine life that inhabit the Lost Chambers Aquarium.


You will enjoy the divers showing their interactive, educational and the entertaining show in 7 sages Chamber. Later, you will see the divers feeding the hundreds of marine animals from the Arabian Gulf.


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