Dubai is famous for its luxury high buildings with traditional spots, this city has a great shopping infrastructure with so many shopping malls. For the purpose of Dubai shopping tour, needs a proper arranged itinerary so that make easy to have a quality shopping on best of prices .


Especially at the time of DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival), where visitors come from all over the world for shopping.

Dubai is probably the most advance city in the middle east. This Emirate proclaims high end shopping, as well as Dubai is the major stop for global fashion designers and shoppers.


Dubai has more than twenty major shopping malls. The emphasis is on high quality of fashion, gold and jewelry, carpets and handicrafts and many more. On shopping tour, we will let you surf through different shopping malls, souks and markets of your interest.


Where you will find things of your interest and with out of a proper gaudiness it’s hard to choose with so many shopping malls to the things what you are looking for. Dubai shopping tour is a clear and opened guidance where we will have a proper arrangement of different shopping malls, which helps to shop so easy.

6- On the top list of Dubai shopping tour we have Dubai mall, mall of the Emirates Ibn e Battuta mall, Deira city center, Naïf souk, Mena bazaar, Gold and spices souk, Karama souk, and many others.

traditional Gold Souk
Gold market in Dubai